On Manliness



I’m a dying breed. The nation has a certain sickness. We lose ground on this issue every day.  In time, the only cure could be lost to us. No, I’m not talking about Global Warming, I’m talking about National Testosterone Depletion (NTD), and it fucking grinds my gears.

My Ex used to be appalled by some of my language. Some words she didn’t quite understand, others she thought were better fit for someone in the 12th century. My Ex, a beautiful, intelligent, level headed woman was more used to the actions/words/demeanor of men in her peer group. Men that wear skinny jeans, bound to office chairs, throwing money at everything to fix their problems. Sensitive types that grew up privileged, know nothing of hardship, military service, or a labor intensive profession. And really, the fault isn’t with my Ex, the fault is with society. Men being born today are shadows of what they once were. And it’s only getting worse. Eventually, if things stay on their current course, Men will be forced out of manhood entirely, living like eunuchs in a soft fluffy society. How did it get this bad? How has it gotten this far? Upbringing, or a lack there of, is a good place to start looking.

I use my own childhood as an example. I had multiple jobs growing up, all manual labor. Mowing lawns, a paper route, the back room of a hardware store and an Electrician’s apprentice. In school I played Football, I wrestled, and did little league even though I sucked. I got into fights at recess. Most of the time with bullies, other times with just guys like myself. My brother and I, fought often and a lot, from wrestling matches to full blown bloody brawls that destroyed my parents house. I rode my bicycle everywhere, all over town. My parents scolded us when we weren’t home on time and would whack us around when we got out of line. I grew up respectful of my elders, respectful of the law and with the right set of manners.

Today, our young men(& women), are growing up vastly different to how I did. Cellphones are in every child’s pocket, bringing hordes of problems to their development. Jobs that once catered to the teenagers of your neighborhood are now done by professionals. The plow guy handles the driveway, the landscaper handles the lawn, your oil is changed by Valvoline, and so on and so forth. The Wall Street Journal published findings that participation in Youth Sports is declining rapidly, some over safety concerns from parents ( I’ll get into how shitty parents are in a minute). Schools now have a zero tolerance policy for fighting or any real ruff-housing. This may make schools a little safer, but at what cost? If children never learn to handle a bully, what kind of children are we raising? The video game generation turned into the sit on your ass and play “Call of Duty” instead of going outside to exercise. Disciplining your kids seems to be something forgotten in time. Hitting a child is akin to a criminal act. Children today hit their parents, are disrespectful of everyone and have a sense of entitlement not seen before. How did this happen? Well, I say look at their role models for a start.


Men aren’t men anymore. They are pounded down by a system geared for the feminine experience and shunned for their masculinity. This decadent fluff fest was not always common place, and is relatively new to the society we hold dear. My father didn’t wear skinny jeans or shave his chest. He didn’t drink Zimas and brag about his XBOX gamerscore. He drank Seagrams 7 over ice and coached HighSchool sports. He played Football for Brown and was an Army Captain that kicked ass. He worked 3 jobs and still had time to scream at his demonic children who razed fucking hell in his absence. Men today are broken. People like my father are in short supply today. While the era of “Mad Men” and times long before had their share of problems, they sure got a lot of things right. Men built/fixed their homes by themselves. They cleaned/maintained their vehicles by hand. Men provided, Men protected, Men did the dirty jobs that needed doing. And only a handful of us still adhere to these strange customs. Too few of us conquer the unknown, protect the innocent, stand up to bullies(with our fists, not with a tattletale strategy) or do things traditionally resting in the hands of men for generations. Something needs to change. Political Correctness erodes the American male like rust to an engine. Everyone offended by everything, further depleting my hope and my patience. While I don’t have the answers to society’s problems, I hope to at least attack some of the symptoms of NTD, making our country a little stronger in the process. The following is not a complete list, but for the average male, doing about 10 of these tasks will improve your situation significantly.

Go to a real barber, not supercuts.
Smoke a cigar on occasion, not cigarettes.
Skinny jeans are for women. Not you.
Learn to change your oil/tires/spark plugs
Mow your own damn lawn you lazy fuck.
Open the door for her, never let her pay. Everyone gets a warning. Then take out their windpipe. Then the eyes. Walk away after that as your point is made. Don’t over do it.
Pay your bills. No one likes a deadbeat.
Drink Beer. Or Scotch. Skip the Cosmo. Wear your Sunday best on the Airplane, let the girls wear sweatpants and Uggs.
Go to the gym. No one picks the skinny kid for their team, and fat kids can’t run fast. Cross-Fit is junk. Watch Pumping Iron. Join the Military. The Coast Guard doesn’t count.
Fix your house. YouTube will show you how, the kid at the hardware store will pick up the slack.
Turn off the TV. It’s shit.
Learn a trade. It’ll help with the house.
Learn to hunt, or at least learn to shoot.
Go outside. Sleep under the stars. Climb peaks with no names, then don’t tell Facebook it happened.
Shovel your own driveway.
Take up blacksmithing. And learn to weld.
Shave your head if you have a man-bun.
Take the hat off indoors. Always at a restaurant. And Church. And Court.

On the subway? Get up from your seat for the lady. Cut that equality shit right now, it’s the right thing to do and you know it.   And stand up from the table when she sits. I don’t know when that went out of style.   Shine your shoes. It shoes you give a fuck.  Catch some fish. Learn to cook & eat them.

I could go on for a very long time here, so I’ll stop there. At the end of the day, just be a man. Stop being such a fucking pussy. I cringe when I look at you. And so does your father.

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