Away Game 01-19 Agrabah, Arabia Volume One


2f878b40-8e26-43de-83b7-afbbef086581I’d be remiss if I didn’t include an update to explain my actions these past few months. After Ecuador, I took the summer off from climbing, training for another battle of epicness and grandeur I could write about. But alas, things were not meant to be. On the schedule was the West Highland Way in Scotland (it haunts me), Alpine Ascents International’s fabled 6 day Mountaineering School on Mt. Baker and finally Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America. To be brief, life came in between each goal and I failed to accomplish any of it. I graduated College during the summer, with classes and moving jumbling up my shot to tackle the WHW. Forest fires producing massive clouds of toxic smoke killed Mountaineering school and this current Away Game smashed my Aconcagua bid. I really couldn’t catch a break for a while there, and failure isn’t something I take lightly.

This current adventure I’m on, took lots of training. Some I’m very used to, and another bit that was foreign to me. It was that training that scratched my Aconcagua bid, as I simply couldn’t get the dates I needed to make it come together. Still pretty salty.

I’m unfortunately forced to practice a bit of secrecy here, so I won’t let on to any specifics of what I’m doing or where I am. As they say, loose lips sink ships, and this trip is no different. There are some details you’ve probably already surmised on your own. Yes, I’m deployed overseas again (My Fifth). No, it’s no where you’ve ever heard of or anywhere particularly special. Yes it’s hot. Yes there is sand. For a long time there I thought I was done with this deployment thing, but life throws us fastballs to the face sometimes and now I’m shitting in a hole in the floor and not a nice toilet. 5554a870-2913-44cc-adce-237207d9c44fSo, I guess once the trip progresses, I’ll send in some updates, send a postcard or two. Maybe even have a worthwhile story to share instead of bumbling off excuses of why I’m not on epic peaks doing awesome stuff. But until then, I’m going by Prince Ali, fabulous he, Ali Ababwa. FYI.





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