On Weakness


It’s everywhere. The truth of our society is that no one goes through any real hardship, most never accomplishing anything worthwhile or difficult their entire lives. Most of us have never been shot at. Never had a friend die in our arms. Never had to prove your worth in the midst of overwhelming opposition, pain and fear. Most of us go through life in a happy little bubble filled with soy lattes and Instagram posts, selfie sticks and pumpkin spice. Each rubber stamp, each yes man, considers their great hardship to be drudgeing through traffic or dealing with a disgruntled boss. First world problems are abundant, painting a picture of our society as weak and cowardly and hanging that painting in the minds of our enemies, or worse, our allies. Hurtful words are equated with physical violence, the offended pairing their feelings alongside broken bones and open wounds. In both recent wars, in all the years we’ve fought them, only 0.45 percent of the population has entered military service, an even smaller statistic is those who’ve seen time in the sand. If a draft was held today, 75 percent of the military aged population (not including women) are unfit for military service. Obesity, mental sickness and disease are abundant while toughness is in short supply.


The truth hurts. Toughness is earned, not given freely. Hard times create hard men (and women). Hard men give way to softer times. Soft times create soft societies. Soft societies bring about hard times. Unfortunately I believe we are behind the curve in this cycle, paving the way for the fall of Rome. What are we to do then? Can we change the society we live in? Probably not. As individuals we can only control that which is in our domain. Then how do we protect the realm?14656350_10154061544221636_7692579971691238827_n

We strengthen our bodies, temper our minds and brutalize the opposition beyond repair. I endure the extremes of our environment on a weekly basis, posting my findings here and on social media. What I don’t see in my photos are any of YOU. Go outside, endure the elements and conquer your world. Train in Brazilian Jujitsu, go a few rounds till you lose and lose badly. Wear your pain like a badge of honor. Break your fattening routine, get off the fucking couch and go drink life from a firehouse. Harden your body, harden your mind and cut weakness off at the root. It’s first place or nothing. Play to win big, to destroy your opposition and to have them fear ever meeting you again. Nice guys finish last, dead last every time. I know that from experience, hardship and the cowards that opened my eyes.


So please, I’m begging each and every one of you, please toughen the fuck up. Before it’s to late. Before we evolve into slugs, pale comparisons of our ancestors. Stop running away from your problems like cowardly children. Do it for the greater good. Go outside and climb mountains. Go on adventures. Slay dragons. Rescue the damned. And generate greatness beyond measure. Strive for glory and glory you shall find.




Id like to thank Sealy’s speech on the damn few for my inspiration and key points.


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