Before I begin, let me begin.

In recent years I have had many experiences. Some of those things have changed me. I have seen men weep when shown their own worth, children rally around celebrations of the recent dead and women trade in one set of shackles for another. I have learned great qualities of leadership, humility, gravity, prudence and tenacity for which I am thankful enough to have survived. But in that survival, I wish to bring these qualities to bear, so that others may learn from my missteps and failures remembering my deeds for what they were.

Let me expand on my personal history, to give the uninitiated a chance to make their own opinion whether or not to heed my advice. Born in Lowell, Massachusetts in the Early Eighties to young teenagers who had the foresight to see they weren’t ready to raise two future champions, my twin Brother and I were delivered through the Catholic Church into a modest suburban family filled with love and sound advice. The parents that raised us were intelligent, kind and have been the only family I’ve ever known. Their launching pad gave me the opportunity to have a safe childhood, leaving the hardship to set in while I was an adult.

Into adulthood, and as my brother’s path became different than my own, I joined Military service in the form of reserve duty with the Air Force. This reserve duty was cut short after September 11th 2001 and I found myself thrown into a military career, one which I’ve spent 17 years mastering.

Doha, Qatar, before the Iraq invasion
Baghdad, Iraq, years later
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Oman, near the Yemen border

I’ve spent lots of time wandering the planet, observing the actions of others, recording in my mind the worst aspects of humanity as well as the triumphs of the defeated. I’ve seen men burnt to a crisp, weep while under fire and killed because of their beliefs, or non beliefs. I’ve seen acts of courage go unnoticed, and unoticables become rewarded. I’ve had bosses I’ve loved and those I’ve despised and learned to take away from their mentorship a set of ideals I still use today.

Eventually, as my twin brother’s path and my own converged once again, I started a love obsession with the outdoors. This affair, with my brother’s help, has helped me define who I am and who I strive to become. It started with a small hike, accompanied by some friends in the epic wilderness that is the state of New Hampshire. Eventually, this progressed into multiple trips on many weekends where my brother and I began conquering the wilderness and learned its many secrets. So far I’ve climbed every mountain above 4,000ft in New Hampshire (there’s 48 of them) along with multiple peaks around the world. I continue to plan new expeditions and new adventures to expand my knowledge of the outdoors and the things that live within it.

Mt. Fuji, Japan
The Decalibron, Colorado, USA


Mount Kosciuszko, New South Wales, Australia

I have many things to discuss with no one, and know things no one wants to hear. I only put these ideas down on digital paper so that a record may be kept recording my events through life, so that I gain perspective later on and can reflect on my past. If you wish to tag along and read about my endeavors, so be it. However do not expect any questions answered or revelations from my writings. Much like you, I am one speck in this vast world of riddles and hopefully you will gain something from my misfortunes and success.


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