On Proper Preparation

Preparation for a trip, or away games as I call them, is key. When the coach puts you in the big game and you've been sitting on the bench playing Poverty's Paradise instead of warming up, you're just not down with Or Properly Prepared. Taking preparation seriously is the only sure way to face Nature's Fury… Continue reading On Proper Preparation

AG Throwback, Mt. Fuji

For years I deployed with the military, every call was answered with a sound mind and an able hand. Then came a day where the need for war ceased, or slowed from the Nile to a babbling brook. I was left needing a purpose to inspire myself. An adventure to cool my ever present need… Continue reading AG Throwback, Mt. Fuji

Before I begin, let me begin.

In recent years I have had many experiences. Some of those things have changed me. I have seen men weep when shown their own worth, children rally around celebrations of the recent dead and women trade in one set of shackles for another. I have learned great qualities of leadership, humility, gravity, prudence and tenacity… Continue reading Before I begin, let me begin.